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Moment of Truth: Weigh in Week 2 01/31/2012

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Let me preface this by saying: Last week was an abject disaster. I left my second Weight Watchers meeting a week ago raring to go, determined to cut out all the little cheats I made last week. I really wanted to see a 5 pound loss on my second weigh in.

Well, my eating plan went completely out the window. There’s absolutely no excuse, but I’ll offer a few anyway. I had a really weird work schedule. I was broke and skipped my weekly trip to the grocery store, so instead of actual meals I just snacked a lot — which led to a low-grade hunger that wouldn’t go away until I fed it some late-night Wendy’s action. I skipped the gym out of sheer laziness in the face of cold, drizzly rain.

So I wasn’t expecting anything good from my visit with the scale this morning. And I wasn’t wrong. I am back to where I started, which is so frustrating.

I guess I am starting over, again.


Moment of Truth: First weigh-in 01/24/2012

I no longer fear this object!

I joined Weight Watchers a week ago and had to weigh in for the first time this morning. I didn’t know what to expect because I went off the path a couple of times.

But it was good news! I lost 2.8 pounds!! Yay me.

What I found hardest last week is that I didn’t have the right kind of snacks — I was low on portable veggies and I had a lot of high-calorie snacks around (like nuts, avocados, chips and chocolate). I remedied that problem over the weekend and I’m looking forward to another great week of eating healthy food and working out.

Your turn: Share your successes over the past week!