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What’s cooking: Skinnytaste shout out 03/04/2012

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My schedule, both personal and professional, has never fit into what most people would consider normal. I wake up later than most people, and I often am at work for a period that spans two meal times.

Stuffed pepper soup, thanks to Skinnytaste.com

This is why I’ve had such trouble binge eating at night — I often don’t eat enough during the day and then overdo it when I finally get home and don’t have anything more to check off on my to-do list.

Since my goal for March is to stop eating after 9 p.m., it means rethinking how I approach mealtimes. As a diabetic, I need to eat small meals regularly to keep my blood sugar levels from sitting in the front seat of Coney Island’s Cyclone.

So this past week, I thought I’d make it a point to plan out breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks — and aim to eat them between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

I’ve also been feeling a little uninspired by my recipe collection. So I turned to a site that a friend raves about: Skinnytaste.

Put simply, Skinnytaste’s site is amazing. Ah-may-zing. I decided that I wanted to do a soup packed with veggies for lunch and I really, really wanted pasta for dinner. So after surfing around a little, I found Stuffed Pepper Soup and a Cajun Chicken Pasta. Both were relatively easy to make and absolutely delicious.

A few notes: The chicken pasta dishe is a smidge hgh in carbs for my eating plan, so I cut back the amount of pasta by about 2 uncooked ounces. I also premeasured the pasta and then poured the chicken-veggie-sauce mixture over top.

My version of Skinnytaste's cajun chicken pasta

The soup was out of this world after I added a little cumin and some paprika. Skinnytaste has you add the rice separately, which is nice because you know how much you’re getting. Instead of portioning that out into separate containers, I kept the soup in a large plastic container and the rice separately and then measured out a serving for each lunch.

Skinnytaste provides both the nutrition content and the Points Plus value on every recipe. Both recipes were Points bargains and the pasta was so good, I actually entered all the ingredients into a recipe calculator and made sure the nutrition information was accurate. It was, of course.

I am really looking forward to trying more of her recipes out.


Finding some friends 01/19/2012

I want to thank all of you readers for stopping by and listening to my musings about health, eating, working out and living life as a young diabetic. I appreciate especially the comments and likes. It’s nice to know I’m not just typing from a black hole in space.

One blog I’ve discovered through the comments is Diabetic in Denial, whose author is so similar to me and my experiences it’s scary. I hope she’ll continue to post about her successes and setbacks. It helps to read about someone who is in the same boat.

I’ve also really been enjoying Fat Chick Fed Up, especially a recent post about how much success she and her husband have enjoyed on the scales. She’s been an inspiration to me, and I wish her all the best.

Finally, Mindful Eating Mama has a lot of very thoughful posts about eating. Her post on keeping a food journal and not writing down the “bad food” she eats — like it won’t count if it’s not put to paper — is something I do ALL THE TIME.

Your turn: Are there any other health/fitness blogs out there that I shouldn’t miss?


Not your average burlap sack 01/05/2012

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One of the chief complaints about being a fat girl is that there’s not a lot of options in terms of fun, fashionable clothing. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve stared longingly at the display window of Betsy Johnson or even The Gap, wishing I was a size 10.

Instead, I’m a size 22 (on a good day!) and thus I am sentenced to the world of Lane Bryant. (Disclosure: I used to work at Lane Bryant’s sister store, Catherines, which at one time was called Catherine’s Stout Shop. No lie!) LB has some cute stuff, but there’s also a lot of stuff that’s covered in ugly, bold prints and/or sequins. ::shudder:: Most of the stuff I like really would look good on a size 14, but alas, I have months to go before I’m there. !

That there is a size-ism in the world of fashion has been well-documented. I’m an avid fan of Project Runway, but I get pissed off when the contestants bitch about the inevitable “Plus Size” challenge because the models “don’t have the right proportions.” (Side note: Can we stop using the term “Plus Size,” please? WTF does that even mean?)

So what’s a big girl who wants to look fashionable to do? Well, Nicolette Mason has made a name for herself as a fashion blogger who does not fit (pun totally intended) into the size 2 mold of the fashion world. She also has been writing for Marie Claire. I just discovered her blog (and her Marie Claire column) and wanted to share it with you.

Update (1:31 p.m., Jan. 5): This post by a blogger I follow is extremely relevant to what I’m talking about, and she does a better job than I’ll ever do in distilling some of the issues facing fat girls in the fashion world. A preview: Tim Gunn calls a size 10 “plus sized.” Whoa.