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Smacking down snacking 01/23/2012

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I think I may have mentioned this before, but I like to snack. In front of the television, curled up with a book, hanging out with friends, driving, sitting at my desk — you name it and I see it as an opportunity for snacking. This might be why I have 75 pounds to shed.

To make matters worse, my favorite snacks are usually junk food. Every week, I buy fruits and veggies in an attempt to at least save on calories by snacking on fresh, healthy foods. And every week, I rummage through the cabinets and the fridge to find the high-carb, high-fat, no-nutritional-value-at-all snacks.

One question you may be asking is — Why buy it if you shouldn’t eat it? And the only answer I can give you is: I HAVE A PROBLEM, OK? STOP JUDGING ME!(I’m kidding. Kind of.)

So what’s a fat girl to do? Well, SparkPeople.com has a list of smart snack ideas. And I’m happy to say that some of my new go-to snacks are on the list: Pickles, hard boiled eggs and slices of lunchmeat.

But I think I’ll go one further and make this a new rule: Every time I get the urge to snack, I’ll start out with a piece of fresh fruit or some veggies and some protein instead of automatically reaching for the family size bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

Your turn: What’s your favorite healthy snack?


3 Responses to “Smacking down snacking”

  1. mcqty Says:

    I am a chip lover, so I have tried to stear away from the chips and going for a carmel rice cake with peanut butter. I get the crunch with the rice cake, it tastes decent and everything is better with peanut butter on it. I also tried the white cheddar rice cakes and smeared some laughing cow cheese on it… it was pretty awesome. I also like pistachios and sunflower seeds. Love wheat thins and laughing cow cheese too. If I have to go for some chips I get the cheetos puffs which gives you more for your bang, I also like the new pop chips and found some multi-grain chips at costco that are really good. I’m definitely looking for more ideas in the snack department.

  2. mcqty Says:

    Side note… you need to add one of those follw me by email widgets… I have it set up to follow you, but it doesn’t email me when you post and I was missing out on your last few posts. I’m catching up today. Not being a stalker, just wanna keep up with “like-minded” folks 🙂

    Have a happy, healthy day !!

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