A Farewell to Carbs

A 30-something navigating the world of Type 2 Diabetes while remaining fun, fashionable and fabulous.

Finding some friends 01/19/2012

I want to thank all of you readers for stopping by and listening to my musings about health, eating, working out and living life as a young diabetic. I appreciate especially the comments and likes. It’s nice to know I’m not just typing from a black hole in space.

One blog I’ve discovered through the comments is Diabetic in Denial, whose author is so similar to me and my experiences it’s scary. I hope she’ll continue to post about her successes and setbacks. It helps to read about someone who is in the same boat.

I’ve also really been enjoying Fat Chick Fed Up, especially a recent post about how much success she and her husband have enjoyed on the scales. She’s been an inspiration to me, and I wish her all the best.

Finally, Mindful Eating Mama has a lot of very thoughful posts about eating. Her post on keeping a food journal and not writing down the “bad food” she eats — like it won’t count if it’s not put to paper — is something I do ALL THE TIME.

Your turn: Are there any other health/fitness blogs out there that I shouldn’t miss?


2 Responses to “Finding some friends”

  1. mcqty Says:

    Hey you… thanks for mentioning me, I’m honored 🙂 I however am moving my 2 blogs into 1, so it’s not as complicated manuvering 2 of them. Besides… my diabetes doesn’t give me a split personality (although at times I wonder) so it’s best to face that it’s part of me, my life and my future. Sooo please keep in touch, I could learn a lot from you, and possible teach you some bad along the way, I’m just evil like that 🙂 Just kidding. I do want to follow your journey as well, so I have my eyes on you !!! Thanks for the other suggestions, I love finding other people I can relate to and who can inspire, educate and amuse me as well !!

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